Lake Bistineau Surface Elevation 2000/2001

The 2000/2001 Drawdown period started the 1st week in September and continued through January. So my annual stage graph for 2001 begins 1 Sept 2000 and ends 1 Sept 2001.
For Detailed information on  Drawdown 2000/2001 and those past Click Here.
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Pool stage measurements are taken daily around 8 AM .The measurement numbers are normally obtained from the USGS Station located at the spillway through their web site..  sometimes I take a *manual reading


Note: The Web Site Publisher has been intermittent  "on & off" lately, so if this page has not been updated and you want the current lake level, please e-mail and I will provide it. 

Gates were closed at noon 2/6/01.  One gate remained partially open pending removal of the logs and debris.